What is the difference between JST PH and SH?

March 11, 2024 / Sam Tang

What is JST PH connector?

JST PH is a 2.0 mm pitch single-row wire-to-board connector system.

It is designed to meet the demand for high-density connection of internal wires to printed circuit boards. It is compact, highly reliable and low in cost.

JST PH connector

What is JST SH connector?

JST SH is a 1.0 mm pitch sing-row wire-to-board connector system. It is compact and low-profile.

JST SH connector
LDZY electroincs has equivalents of both PH and SH series. Also dual row of SH series is available.

Both of them are crimp-style. Following is a comparison table of the two.


attributes \ seriesJST SHJST PH
circuit size2 - 20 pin2 - 16 pin
current rating1A2A
voltage rating50V100V
applicable wire (AWG)32 - 2832 - 24
single rowYESYES
dual rowNONO
locking featureNOYES
through hole typeNOYES
JST PH and JST SH have differences in terms of pitch, circuit size, current rating, voltage rating, board connector types, and lock feature. Let’s check one by one.


Pitch size is a primary distinguishing factor between JST PH and JST SH connectors. JST PH connectors is 2.0mm (0.079 inches) pitch, while JST SH is 1.0mm (0.039 inches) pitch. This means that JST SH connectors have a higher pin density and are suitable for use in smaller form factor devices.

Circuit Size

JST PH connectors are available in circuit sizes ranging from 2 to 16 contacts, whereas JST SH connectors can have anywhere from 2 to 15 contacts, and 20 contacts.

The current rating and voltage rating

Current rating of JST PH connector is 2A per contact, and the voltage rating is 100V AC/DC. Making it suitable for use in applications with higher power requirements. Correspondingly, JST SH connector is 1A, and 50V AC/DC. Which is suitable for low-power applications.

Board connector types

JST PH connectors are available in both SMT and through-hole types, making them well-suited to a variety of applications. While JST SH connectors have only SMT type, which limits their use in through-hole PCB designs. However, JST SH connectors’ smaller pitch size makes them ideal for use in high-density PCB designs that require small and compact connectors.

A2001WVS JST-PH-series-vertical-SMT-Header
top entry SMT
A2001WRS JST-PH-seires-Right-angle-SMT-header
side entry SMT

Lock feature

JST PH connectors feature a friction lock mechanism, which helps to keep the connection between female and male secure and stable. This makes them ideal for applications where vibration or other external factors could potentially cause the connection to become loose.

In contrast, JST SH connectors do not feature a lock mechanism, making them easier to connect and disconnect but also less secure than JST PH connectors. Therefore, designers need to carefully consider the specific requirements of their application when selecting a connector with or without a locking mechanism.
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