Molex Connector Alternatives

Molex connector alternatives are equivalent to molex connectors. They are cost-effective connectors that you can use to replace expensive molex connectors. They are mostly made by manufaturers in China. The connectors are usually generic (without manufacturers’ logo or trademark). Generic doesn’t have to mean lower quality. Our quality molex alternatives are supplied to top companies like Foxconn, Flex, Amphonel FCI, Plexus etc. You can change to using molex connector alternatives if you would like to:
Save 80%+ of your money without quality sacrifice (Yes, the prices are usually 80%+ lower than the prices see on digikey, mouser)
Have stable supply (Lead time in 2-3 weeks. You know how important it is if you have ever waited molex parts for your production for months)
Have no concern for obsolete (Whenever you need, we make it for you)

Common Molex Connector Alternatives

Molex Micro-Fit Connector
3.0 mm pitch wire to board, wire to wire connector system. Single-row, dual-row; surface mount and through-hole types available.
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C4255 Molex Mini Fit Connector
Molex Mini Fit Connector
4.2 mm pitch wire to board, wire to wire connector system. Single-row, dual row; through-hole types available.
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A1250 Molex PicoBlade Connector
Molex PicoBlade Connector
1.25 mm pitch wire to board, wire to wire connector system. single-row, surface mount and through-hole versions available.
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A3960 Molex KK Connector
Molex KK Connector
3.96 5.08 mm pitch single row wire to board connnector system.
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A1501 Molex Pico-SPOX Connector
Molex Pico-SPOX Connector
1.5 mm pitch single-row wire to board connector system. Surface mount, top entry and side entry types.
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A2541 Molex SL Modular Connector
Molex SL Modular Connector
2.54 mm pitch single row wire to board, wire to wire connector system. Surface mount and through-hole.
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A2541HA Molex C-Grid III Connector
Molex C-Grid III Connector
2.54 mm pitch dual-row wire to board connector system. Through-hole.
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A1201 Molex Pico-EZmate Connector
Molex Pico-EZmate Connector
1.2 mm pitch single row wire to board connector system. Usually used in battery application.
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No. Different manufacturers has their own cross parts for other manufacturers. You won’t have any problem using the parts. If there is legal problem, we wouldn’t have been able to produce them for 10+ years.
It’s true that many connectors look similar. Regardless of their manufacturers. You might be able to find a suitable connector from molex or AMP that works. But you should NOT use a molex female connector with AMP male; or use a molex terminal with an AMP housing, and vice versa.
So, molex and AMP connectors are not the same.
No. Molex is an US company. Its headquarter is in Lisle, Illinois, USA. Molex has its manufacturing in China. Koch industried purchased molex in 2013.
You can measure the pitch of the molex connector, and then go to molex website and find all connectors that are in that pitch. Then compare the drawings and pictures with what you have. You should be able to identify a common molex connector this way.

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Switching to the Molex equivalent connectors was the best decision for our business! Quality is outstanding and prices are impressive! I don't have to stock a lot of molex connectors. As what I order from LDZY can be shipped in 3 weeks.
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