LDZY Provides Connectos & Custom Cable Assemblies for Top Companies in Fleet Telematics


Telematics and GPS Fleet Tracking

Fleet telematics gathers a range of data using Global Positioning System (GPS) technology, sensors and vehicle engine data to provide fleet operators with the information they need to manage their fleet. LDZY works with some of the top companies worldwide in fleet telematics. Provides them connectors and cable assemblies (discrete-wire cable assemblies and overmolded cable assemblies) for their GPS devices.

The monthly demand of connectors and cable assemblies from our clients  in fleet telematics is quite large.


  • Customers want connectors 500K+ pieces per month. Connectors are all made by automatic machines. But the monthly output was limited by human visual inspection and manual packaging.
  • Customers want discrete-wire cable assemblies 200K+ pieces per month. Wire crimping is done by automatic machines, but the crimped wires are inserted into connector housings manually. The productivity is limited, and the cost is high. Can not meet customers target prices and monthly demand.
  • Customers want overmolded cable assemblies 100K+ pieces per month. The overmolding process is slow. Monthly output can't  meet customers' demand.
  • Customers want custom package for cable assemblies for retailing.


  • LDZY invests full automatic machines for connector production. The machines not only assembling connectors, but have inspection and packaging functions as well. Ensure increased quality and productivity.
  • LDZY invests full automatic cable assembling machines for discrete-wire cable assembling. Small quantity (let's say less than 10K pieces) orders are usually produced with a big portion of manual involved. Everyone knows that a automatic assembling machine will vastly increase productivity. But an automatic cable assemblies machine is specially designed only to make cable with a specific connector housing. For example, the following video shows an automatic assembling machine for cables with Molex 43025 connectors (3.0mm pitch dual row housing). It requires big orders of this specific machine to make the investment profitable. With robust relationship between LDZY and its customers, LDZY invested the machines ahead to meet customers' demand.
  • LDZY invests more overmolding machines which times the monthly output.
  • LDZY makes customers' package design to physical packaging boxes. Offers customers a one-stop solution for cable assemblies. 

Connector production with inspection and packaging

Full automatic production of discrete-wire cable assembling


Customers get what their required on prices, lead time, quality and custom package as well. 

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LDZY electronics is a China manufacturer of connectors and custom cable assemblies (flat ribbon cable assemblies, discrete-wire cable assemblies, overmolded cable assemblies)
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