How to crimp JST XH connector?

March 12, 2024 / Sam Tang

In this article, I am going to show you how to crimp a JST connector with a hand-crimping tool.

Step by step!

The are many types of JST connectors, we will be using JST XH for this tutorial. When you know how to crimp JST XH connector, you will get to know how to crimp other JST connectors.

Before you start to crimp, you should understand what a good crimp is.

Then, get to know JST XH terminals. 

Different terminals in JST XH series

There are 3 types of terminals in JST XH series for different applicable wires. Make sure to use the wires that are applicable to terminals on your hands.
JST XH Terminals Specifications
Following are crimp specifications.


Strip Length (mm)AWGCrimp Height (mm)Tensile Spec (N)


Strip Length (mm)AWGCrimp Height (mm)Tensile Spec (N)

Prepare materials and tools

The crimping tool I will be using is IWISS SN-2549. It is for crimping AWG28-18 wires.
There is a gear to adjust the crimp height. You will have to remove the screw before adjusting it. Turn the gear clockwise (the “+” direction) to reduce the crimp height. And turn the gear anticlockwise (the “-” direction) to increase the crimp height. Install the screw back when you finish.
The wire stripper I will be using is IWISS FSA-0626. It is for stripping AWG22-AWG10 wires. But I found it OK to strip AWG24 wires.

The connector housings I will be using is JST XH equivalent connector. The terminals I will be using are JST SXH-001T-P0.6 equivalent. It is for AWG28-AWG22 wires. The wires I will be using are AWG24 UL1007.

Strip the wires

As shown on the chart under different terminals in JST XH series, the strip length is 21.~2.6mm.

The strip length is important as we have to make sure:

  1. the insulation doesn’t go into the conductor crimp area
  2. the insulation crimp is sufficient
  3. the conductor crimp is sufficient
  4. the conductor brush doesn’t go into the mating area
insulation under conductor crimp
conduct crimp not sufficient
conduct brush goes into mating area
insulation crimp not sufficient
Now let’s strip the wires.
Measure the strip length after stripping.
If the wire conductors scatter, center them with your fingers.

Terminal pretreatment

Narrow the gap between two tabs of insulation crimp till they are parallel (if you are using AWG22 wire, keep the gap a little wider).
This is to prevent terminals from rotating during crimping.
terminal in good position
terminal in good position
Remove terminals from the carrier strip by bending them up and down. It takes 3-5 bending to remove one terminal.
bend up
bend down

Crimp the wires

When crimping a JST XH terminal, the terminal should be crimped under the first jaw (4.0mm in thickness). The 1.5mm width part of the jaw is to crimp the wire insulation, and the 1.2mm width part is to crimp the wire conductor.
I am right-handed, so I will grip the crimper with my right hand, with the jaw pointing to my face. So I can see and adjust during crimping.

I will seize the mating side of the terminal between my thumb and index finger of my left hand.
Put the terminal onto the anvil of the jaw, with the hook (locking tang) hooking the edge of the anvil (This is very important as if the hook goes into the crimping area, it will be crimped down. When you insert it into the connector housing, it will easily come out).
Now close the handles slowly, and stop before the tabs of the insulation crimp start to bend towards each other.
Now I can stop seizing the terminal, it will stay in the jaw. And use my left hand to insert a stripped wire into the terminal.
Control the insulation length in the terminal to make sure sufficient crimp on both insulation and conductor, and also insulation doesn’t go into the conductor crimp area. You might fail a few times before you manage to insert the proper insulation length.

Close the handles to finish the crimp. The handles will return to their original position itself.

Note: If there is something wrong and you would like to return the crimp handles, just use the switch between the handles.
Remove the terminal from the jaw.

Measure conductor crimp height

Measure the conductor crimp height with a caliper. The crimp height for AWG24 is 0.75±0.05mm.

Insert the crimped terminals

When inserting the terminal, the locking tang of the terminal and the window of the connector housing should face the same direction.
Insert the terminal, when you hear a click, it is done.
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